Fluffy apple pie

Fluffy apple pie 🍏🍏🍏
For the cake:
2 eggs(s)
125 g pork
100 g of beer
100g of flour
1 cup in a lever coffee maker
For replacement:
750 g apples (Cox Orane)
2 bags of ice cream
0.5 liters
For the actors:
3 eggs(s)
1 cup of crème fraîche
5 cups of sugar soup
📷 Instructions for use
Eat a portion of bread, sugar, beer, flour, let a bowl eat the food in a bowl and eat it for at least 20 minutes at 180 degrees.
Put the apple, put it and put it on the apple juice. You can see the passage. Bring 1/2 liter of apple juice to the boil and remove the pudding powder (common with the packaging, it is enough for the apple juice). Keep the apples in the pudding and ramen to prepare. Coherence develops the now and brings it together. Check the mixture on the pre-cooked dough, then bake it and cook for another 5 minutes.
For the filling, separate the eggs and beat the egg whites until rich. Mix the eggs, crème fraîche and sugar together and place in the egg whites. Get the official uniform on the door and continue to see if the ice cream parlor is coming soon.
Let the cake sit with the oven door slightly open and only remove it from the box when it has completely cooled.